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The Piatas Wealth Management Group at The Star in Dallas/Frisco.  Merrill Lynch

The Piatas Wealth Management Group at The Star in Dallas/Frisco. Merrill Lynch

Brian Briggs is a listed Merrill Lynch Referred Photographer in Texas, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and D.C.


Brian Briggs
Your Photographer

With a full complement of equipment and his trusted project manager and on-location assistant, Brian Briggs travels the country almost constantly for photographic clients. His approach to photography is customized to fit the nature of your market.

√ Custom Lighting to flatter your complexion and bone structure
√ On-Set Discussion of your goals and ideas
√ One-on-One Coaching, because not everyone is familiar with a camera
√ Experience with and Vision for the design of photos that send the right message to your target market. Portraits that showcase the subject as warm, confident, and capable are a direct result of the photographer’s guidance, and the subject’s understanding of their goals.

Fortune 500 Companies, major banking and investment brands, and corporate industry leaders seek Brian’s work for publishing in Forbes, Newsweek, Barron’s, and luxury magazines nationwide.

See the gallery below for some of his recent work in the corporate sector.

Brian Shooting Pose_web.jpg

Monika Walczak, Financial Advisor for the Thorndyke-Sheppard Team of Chicago, IL

Individual Portraits

Custom-Lit to flatter your unique complexion and bone structure, and Coached to ensure your photograph sends the right business message.

Smith Davis Morse Team Merrill Lynch Brian Briggs Photography

Team Photos

Teams are photographed on location, in their offices or in an alternate space, to convey their identity and the caliber of service new clients can expect.

Best Corporate photographer dallas frisco merrill lynch bakewell parker

Working Together and Action Photos

- part of our premium packages - offer a way to showcase your team members in the conference room, leading a meeting, working with clients, and many more opportunities.

Click any of the images below to enlarge it. 

And What About Green Screen?

Before and After_Portrait Green Screen.jpg

Using the more sophisticated, still-photography software equivalent of green screen technology, Brian and his team are able to offer many additional services, key to the real world challenges of a team who might not have the most ideal photographic setting, or have a team changing in dynamic as members join or depart. Below are several examples of team photos Brian has shot, and then adjusted by special arrangement:

Background Replacement

Backgrounds can be replaced for both portraits and full group shots. Below, a large team wanted the look and feel of the office they could not all travel to, so Brian was able to defy the logistic challenges of travel, timing, and coordination, and give this team the background and environment they would choose in more ideal circumstances:


Changing Team Dynamics

Teams are always in flux, whether refining or growing. To keep the photos you shoot with Brian up to date, we offer ways to add or remove team members. To add a new team member, we can match the lighting and the pose to the existing team photo, and photograph your new team member to fit seamlessly into the group; to remove someone, it’s a case of balancing the group and making sure there isn’t a trace of the person who has left the team. This option is a great resource for large teams whose composition fluctuates throughout the year.

Before and After Adding_Thorndyke Sheppard.jpg

Please feel free to contact any of the below Merrill Lynch, UBS, and US Trust Associates for testimonials on the experience of working with Brian Briggs and his team - below is a partial list:

New York
ML The Rosen Team (Melville, Long Island)
ML The Hackett Team (Southampton)
ML The Barrett Team (Melville, Long Island)
ML The Riedy-Marano Wealth Management Group (West Islip)
ML Southampton Directors (Southampton)
ML Melville Directors (Melville, Long Island)
ML Frangas Palermo Team (Melville, Long Island)
ML Riverhead Office Team Members (Riverhead)
ML The Matloff Team (New York)

ML The Ver Bockel-Raihle Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Stephans Van Liew Oiler Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Nield Moles Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Covey Wiktor Kane Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Attard Strnad Catalino Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Bhatia Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Smith Davis Morse Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Dwyer Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Wright-Hudak Group (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Baldwin Team (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Latimer Team (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Voit Kunze Team (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Baldwin - Marcovici Team (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Lee Team (PBIG) (Chicago)
ML The Paxinos Lamberti Group (Chicago Loop)
ML The Herlache Lopez Team (Chicago Loop)
ML The Thorndyke - Sheppard Group (Chicago Loop)
ML Madison Avenue Complex Financial Advisory Team Members (Chicago)
ML Monroe Complex Chicago Metro Market Teams (Chicago)
ML Barrington Complex Financial Advisory Team Members (Barrington)
ML The Sheppard Group - (Barrington)
ML The HDB Group (Barrington)
ML The GR Team (Crystal Lake)
ML The Skowronski Group (Crystal Lake)
ML The Kilborn Team (Northbrook)
ML The Wilson Team (Northbrook)
ML The Lang-Preston Team (Northbrook)
ML The Jones Group (Northbrook)
ML Hammond, Drake, Bush & Associates (Northbrook)
ML The Klein Group (Northbrook)
ML The Gorman-Haas Group (Northbrook)
ML The NP Wealth Management Group (Northbrook)
ML The Gelb Retirement and Advisory Team (Northbrook)
ML The Lorenz Team (Northbrook)
ML The Birkhauser Team (Lake Forest)
ML The Douglas Team (Lake Forest)
ML The Paulson-Holman-Heinz-Gatto Group (Lake Forest)

ML The Heidmann/Jefferson Group (Austin)
ML The Palombo Team (Austin)
ML The Scalley Team (Austin)
ML The Kirtley Team (Austin)
ML The Weinstein Group (PBIG) (Dallas)
ML The Flanagan Team (PBIG) (Dallas)
ML The Padalino-Cotten Group (PBIG) (Dallas)
ML Dallas PBIG Complex Advisors
ML Houston PBIG Complex Advisors
ML The Mirabella-Fenz-Abalos Group (Houston)
ML Roberts Tullo & Associates (Houston)
ML Hayes, Dennison, Kirby Team (Houston)
ML The Harris Group (Houston)
ML The Lewis Group (Houston)
ML The Eger Rush Team (Houston)
ML The Fox/Avant Team (Houston/Dallas)
ML The Nelson Wood Nelson Team (PBIG) (San Antonio)
ML J Michael Woodlock and Complex Management Associates (Houston)
ML The Reichek-Gladstein Group (Houston)
ML Eckhardt, Finberg, Latawiec and Associates (Houston)
ML The RMG Group (Houston)
ML Rovere Wealth Management (Houston)
ML Dahmer & Louvar Wealth Management (Houston)
ML Reese Williams Group (Houston)
ML Neuhaus White Group (Houston)
ML The Sharpe Group (Houston)
ML The Jacobs Group (Houston)
ML The Kingshill Group (Houston)
ML The Harkins Group (Houston)
ML The Polemenakos Group (Lake Jackson)
ML The Bryson-Devenport Group (Midland)
ML The Newcomb Team (Abilene)
ML The Vogler Team (Abilene)
UBS Austin Wealth Partners (Austin)
UBS Buchanan Team (Austin)
UBS Moor Team (Austin)
UBS Tally Team (Austin)
UBS Schaeffer Team (Austin)
UBS Pumo Riebe Team (Austin)

ML Post & Associates (Troy)
ML The Iles Group (PBIG) (Saginaw)
ML The Steingold-Orbach Group (Troy)

ML The Duckworth Haggerty Group (PBIG) (Pittsburgh)
ML The Brinker Group (Pittsburgh)

North Carolina
ML The ReCorr Bell Group (Raleigh)

ML The Tyler Group (Atlanta)

ML The Heisel-Prunier Group (Los Angeles)
ML The Pantucci Bonvecchio Team (Long Beach)
ML The Mendoza Yglesias Group (San Jose)
ML The Terrell Group (San Francisco)
ML The JJD Group (Santa Barbara)
ML The Cassidy Perry Group (Santa Barbara)
ML The Special Needs Group (Modesto)
ML Century City Complex Specialists
US Trust Beverly Hills/Century City Complex
US Trust Santa Barbara Complex

ML The Popera Overholt and Holland Group (PBIG)

UBS - Kilgroe, Frantzis & Associates (St. Petersburg)

Puerto Rico
ML The Herrans Group (San Juan)