Is Anyone Really Happy with their Corporate Head Shot?

It's so rare that people are really HAPPY with their own photographic head shot.
But you can call anyone on my list of clients...ask anyone. They'll tell you about their experience, so you know who you're hiring.
I have the ability to take portraits that each and every person (except one among thousands) are beyond just satisfied with.

How do I do it? I take my time.

I "see" the face and design the ideal custom lighting for that person.
I spend our time together building the pose, the expression, the vibe that captures a confident and dynamic portrait that a person will be proud to broadcast to the world.

I do charge more than photographers who don't do really great work, but I'm usually priced below most photographers at my level.

Many times we've been called AFTER the mistake was made hiring a "low budget" photographer.
Call my references. A day with me and my assistant ALWAYS feels like the right choice.

"A great portrait will never lose it's value, but a bad one is disliked from the start."